PeakRider - Bike Carrying System

The PeakRider is going to change, and above all improve, your alpine bike tour experience once and for all. The system is made up of two components: a newly developed telescopic rod with a support plate and the so-called Cone-Strap.

  • The PeakRider is a simple yet effective construction that fits into most bike backpacks.
  • The feeling of having both hands free while knowing your bike’s safe on your back is incredible. You have to experience it to fully appreciate it.
  • The PeakRider distributes the weight of your bike evenly across your hips and back. Aching shoulders and tired arms are a thing of the past.

-Shipping worldwide free


***When shipping to countries outside the EU (e.g. Switzerland, Norway), additional toll costs may occur.***

The PeakRider is unfortunately sold out right now, but the next batch will come at the end of May / beginning of June 2019.

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